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Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly


Those modern miracles that carry our daring heroes into action

Each of these classic aircraft has their own strengths and weaknesses. In one-on-one dogfighting, make sure you know your own aircraft's capabilities. Any type of aircraft can beat another, in the hands of the right pilot.

The more chaotic the battle becomes, your aircraft's characteristics become secondary -- the main challenge becomes keeping your eyes open for the dangers that surround you!


Not fast, but manouevrable at low speed.

old photo of Bleriot

This pre-war aircraft is slow and quite fragile.

With its small engine, it climbs into the sky slowly.

It has trouble keeping up with other aircraft, in level flight.

model of Bleriot
Strengths:No aircraft can out-turn it at very slow speeds.
Weaknesses:Slow, poor climb rate.

Tip: The best strategy in a dogfight is to fight on your terms. Get into a slow, turning battle. Your enemy won't be able to get onto your tail. Don't let your enemy break away without filling them full of holes.


Great climb rate.

old photo of Morane-Saulnier N

This aircraft is a good all-rounder. It's moderately fast, and reasonably manoeuvrable. Because of its light weight it is particularly good at climbing.

model of Morane-Saulnier N
Strengths:Great climb rate.
Weaknesses:Turns slowly at high speed (ie in a dive).

Tip: Use the great climb rate to reach aircraft above you, or climb away from danger. Dive to convert your height to speed, when necessary.


Stable, tough, slow at turning

old photo of Fe2B

It's reasonably fast and powerful, but not great at turning quickly. Quite heavy, it picks up speed quickly in a dive.

It can be good for beginners -- sure, it's a bit slower to turn, but that also makes it easier to control.

And this tough old bird can take a real pounding. It can keep flying when other aircraft would be destroyed.

Plus, the extra stability means guns are more accurate, meaning the aircraft can damage foes further away.

model of Fe2B
Strengths:Tough. Stable. Extended Gun Range.
Weaknesses:Poor Turn Rate

Tip: Don't get into a turning battle. Use your extended gun range to do damage from further away. Dive away from your enemy if you are in trouble, then renew your attack freshly.

Fokker DR1

Fast, manouevrable, powerful

old photo of Fokker DR1

This latest development in aircraft technology is a marvellous all-round performer.

It's fast, so you can catch anything that flies. And it is manoeuvrable.

It has a higher stall speed, and turn rate may be sloppy at slow speeds, where it may be out-turned by other aircraft.

Beginning pilots find the high turn rate can make aiming weapons difficult. Also, the high speed means you can easily overshoot your opponents, and end up right in front of them, presenting a nice big juicy target. So watch that speed!

model of Fokker DR1
Strengths:Fast, manoeuvrable.
Weaknesses:Not great at slow speed. Harder to control.

Tip: Take care to slow down to avoid overtaking your opponents, especially when diving.